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It’s here! My favorite sale of the year. What makes Nordstrom’s sale different than pretty much any other sale is that most items are NEW, which makes it perfect for fall shopping. 

The sale IS overwhelming, but I don’t let myself get caught up in purchases that I will regret or that I don’t need. Ok, want. You know what I mean. Last year, I stocked up on workout staples and underwear. This year, I am being just as boring by picking up some cozy, classic sweaters, jeans, and more workout clothes. These workout pants from Zella are my absolute FAVORITE for running, so I am getting them in this blue color this year (I also have them in black). And the shoes pictured above are the best running shoes I’ve ever owned. I know that Nike is what all the cool people wear to the gym (I do too, but not on running days) but these ASICS are ultra-comfortable, provide arch support, and they are easy on the eyes.

If you have a Nordstrom credit or debit card, you can shop the early access sale now. If you do not, the sale opens up to everyone on July 22nd!