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Noelle Goodrich is an amazing artist, and a total boss.

I met Noelle about 4 years ago when I was having a hair crisis, and after reading her reviews, I knew I’d be in good hands to have my banana yellow blonde hair fixed.

Yep, BANANA YELLOW. My sister told me after seeing me before Noelle that I looked like a banana. LOL! But that is a story for a different day.

Noelle has been my go-to hair gal for years, and she has a loyal following of women who trust her with their hair because she is incredibly talented at her craft. Not only is the talented when it comes to hair, but she’s also a savvy businesswoman who just opened her own chic and cozy salon, ash. in Lafayette, CA.

Noelle was the very first guest that I interviewed on the All Gussied Up podcast, where she talked about her favorite hair products, what’s trending with hair right now, how to go blonde if you’re a brunette, high-vibe energy, and a lot more. Make sure you give it a listen — there are so many amazing nuggets in there!

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Ooh la la! Valentine’s Day is almost here, and that means giving and receiving sweet, fun, and maybe naughty gifts. I mean…what better day than to give or get a naughty gift?

Here are some fun, kinky, and useful gifts that I think you’ll love.

Roses Damascena Scented Candle

Each year, Diptyque releases a signature Valentine’s Day candle, and I have loved every single scent. I ask for this candle every year, and am loving this year’s look. The hot pink adds such a fun vibe to any space. AND it smells amazing. Like roses without smelling like Grandma roses. It smells expensive, and not chemically like some rose scented candles can smell.

♡ Pink handcuffs

Why not spice things up a little? Loving the pink color! If you read the Amazon reviews, you’ll see that these are in fact legit handcuffs used by cops too. 😉


These are so Dita Von Teese, right? I have this pair and they’re just so fun. If nothing else, wear them for yourself!

Crotchless Panties

I am all about these underwear because they look elegant yet they are totally naughty with the opening at the bottom. The lace and the cut makes them sexy without being totally over the top (read: G-String), but then…they leave very little to the imagination.

♡ Kesh massage oil

Massage oil is the perfect V-Day gift because it benefits both people. An added bonus: this oil can also be used in your hair. It smells amazing, and is paraben and phtalate free. It’s like the Bentley of massage oils.

♡ Santal 33

This fragrance will forever be one of my favorites. It’s also unisex, so extra score there! The scent just smells like luxury. Not chemically or overpowering. Almost everytime I wear it, I am asked what I’m wearing. You really can’t go wrong!

♡ Locket necklace

Locket necklaces are so romantic and can make a truly meaningful gift. Bonus points: have a photo printed to fit of yourself or a loved one that your s/o would treasure forever.

♡ Penis coffee mug

I was drawn to this mug because to me, it totally looked like a Dior mug. You know the print I’m talking about? But upon a closer look, the “flowers” are actually penises. LOL! Totally showing my immaturity here, but I love that it looks like a classy mug being totally inappropriate.

♡ Satin pillowcase

A satin or silk pillowcase is a must because it keeps your hair and skin from pulling while you sleep. If you don’t want wrinkles and frizzy hair, you need this pillowcase. I get mine from Savvy Sleepers because 1. I know and respect Dale, the founder (she is amazing!), and 2. They are vegan.

That’s what she said

This game is described as “an outrageous party in a box, perfect for your next get-together or adult game night. It’s the board game equivalent of spiking the punch!” And it’s true. Jeff and I played this game for the first time a few weeks ago with some friends, and it was hilariously inappropriate.

Do you have any other naughty or fun gifts to recommend? Let me know!

xo, lynn

I have been studying successful people’s morning routines lately and trying them out. Why? Because your morning is so important — it sets the tone of the entire day…so if you can control your morning to be amazing, most likely, your entire day will also be amazing. At least that’s the goal. Ever since I can remember, my mornings have been chaotic. Whether it’s waking up later than I intended, or having to race somewhere, or feeling like I need to check my emails, it is NOT a good way to start the day.

I am still guilty of checking my phone first thing in the morning, and I know that is so not recommended because checking your emails and texts causes a reaction…sometimes negative, which is just the worst way to start the day.

I am still perfecting my morning routine, so I’m not going to share all that I am doing quite yet, however there is one thing that I have been doing consistently for months that HAS made a difference in the way that I feel.


Yep, getting physically cold with an ice cold shower and/or using an ice roller.

“When practiced on a regular basis, cold water immersion can even provide long-lasting changes to your body’s immune, lymphatic, circulatory and digestive systems that enhance the overall quality of your life.” – Tony Robbins

The benefits of cold water:

Improves Lymphatic System:

The lymphatic system is a network of vessels that run throughout the body, helping take away waste, bacteria and microbes from your cells, essentially cleansing your body. Unlike your blood, which is constantly pumped through your body by the heart, your lymph fluid doesn’t have a central pump. Instead, your lymphatic system relies on muscle contraction to pump the lymph fluid through the vessels. So if you don’t exercise or your lymphatic system itself becomes slow or inefficient, the fluid stagnates and toxins build up, manifesting in colds, joint pain, infection and, in more serious instances, disease.

Cold water immersion causes your lymph vessels to contract, forcing your lymphatic system to pump lymph fluids throughout your body, flushing the waste out of the area. This then triggers the immune system’s white blood cells to attack and destroy any unwanted substance in the fluid. In a way, it’s sort of a domino effect – the cold water affects the lymphatic system, which in turn affects the immune system, which ultimately keeps you feeling happy and healthy.

Improves circulation:

Cardiovascular circulation is rarely something that crosses our minds, but it happens to be one of the most critical components to our overall health and well-being. With poor cardiovascular circulation, not only is the blood flow compromised, the heart becomes stressed. And this can ultimately lead to health problems like fatigue, headaches, high blood pressure, muscle cramping or even heart attack and stroke. With improved circulation, on the other hand, we can improve heart health, enhance mental performance, boost the immune system and the body’s metabolism, and simply give ourselves more strength and energy to live our lives the way we want.

Boosts Happiness:

2007 research study found that cold showers can help treat depression symptoms, and if used on a routine basis, may be more beneficial than prescription medications in lifting moods. The reason for this, in scientific terms, is due to the stimulation of the dopaminergic transmission in the mesocorticolimbic and nigrostriatal pathway. Or, in layman’s speak, cold water triggers a flood of mood-boosting neurotransmitters, which make you feel happy. A separate study that analyzed the effects of regular winter swimming on the mood of swimmers showed that after four months of routine cold water swimming, the subjects felt more energetic, active and spritely than the control group.

{via Tony Robbins}

Taking your first several cold showers is fucking miserable, while you’re ‘in’ it. However, it does become easier. If you try this out, make sure you do it in short bursts, and then get warm again. I will stand under freezing cold water for 10-30 seconds, and then turn it to HOT again.

If you’re apprehensive about the cold shower, try splashing cold water on your face in the morning or use an ice roller. I love my ice roller first thing in the morning because it reduces puffiness. This one from Amazon is amazing!

xo, Lynn

This post has been a long time in the making because I am DENIM OBSESSED.

It’s just so easy to throw on a pair of jeans – you will find me in jeans just about everyday.

If you’re like me, you have to have the ‘right’ fit and style. It’s so important to feel comfortable too.

Here’s the thing about denim: it’s not such a trendy item, so if you do splurge a bit, it’s not a big deal. I personally splurge on denim over any other kind of clothing in my closet. And when I say splurge, I never spend over $200 on denim. Everything I’m showing here is $100 or under.

ANYWAY. Good denim can be so hard to find. Does it make your butt look good? How is the material? Is there any stretch? Will it stretch out too much? Is it high waisted?

These are all questions that I ask myself as I shop for jeans. I have come to realize that high waisted denim is so much more flattering than any other height on me. It sucks everything in, ya know?

Rounding up the best pairs of jeans to have in your closet:

+ Black skinny jeans

+ Mom jeans (high waist, straight leg jeans)

+ Distressed denim

+ High waist dark blue jeans

What’s your favorite pair of jeans?

With the new year, I’m starting off with a huge BANG: a PODCAST!

For awhile now, I have really started to get bored with Instagram, and blogging is one dimensional, and I really want to be able to connect more with YOU. There is only so much “here is what makeup I’m loving” or “here are my favorite heels!” that I can handle as a blogger; I want to open the flood gates and just talk to you.

My podcast is going to be fun, cheeky, inspirational, and motivating. At least that is my biggest hope for it.

SO: Please subscribe and join in on the fun! I would LOVE for you to email me with podcast episode ideas too.