Desire Pink Maxi Dress//Michael Kors Purse//Karen Walker Sunglasses//Sole Society Sandals//Kain Tank//Scalloped Shorts//

I’m so excited to be going to Disneyland later this month–one of my favorite places ever! Staying stylish while keeping cool and comfortable doesn’t have to be tricky…a fanny pack and cargo shorts combo is never necessary. Ever.

Not even a designer fanny pack. NO.

My tips for dressing for Disneyland….
-Wear light fabrics like cotton or polyester. While they’re not the nicest fabrics, they are wrinkle resistant and dry quickly–a must if you like water rides! 
-Bring a small cross body purse (I’m still trying to force myself to like them), but hey, they’re so much better than wearing a fanny pack!! Carrying a big, heavy purse really does suck when you’re walking around all day long. 
-Wear shorts (the light fabric rule applies here)–so avoid denim and leather at all costs. Both can be hot, sticky, and takes forever to dry.  
-A casual, no fuss maxi dress is a great option for looking cute while staying cool and comfortable. DO avoid short skirts or dresses, as you may have to contort your body and position yourself in certain unflattering ways when getting on and off of rides.
-Wear flat sandals, but avoid those that have multiple buckles. Flats or tennis shoes are very uncomfortable to walk around in if they get wet=lots of dry time, even in the heat. 
-Lastly, wear sunscreen!

Palm prints are no longer reserved for tacky, touristy paraphernalia. The palm print is now a wildly popular print that screams Summer!
Kate Upton Aziz Ansari photographed by Terry Richardson at The Beverly Hills Hotel’s Fountain Coffee Room.
The Fountain Coffee Room in Beverly Hills, where the print originated.
If you’re scared of prints, try incorporating a palm printed clutch with any basic Summer ensemble, or add a pillow in your home for an unexpected pop of color.

Swell Bikini Top//Charlotte Olympia Clutch//Juicy Couture Scarf//Palm Print Maxi Dress//Joie Blazer//Michael Kors Pants//Brazilliance Pillow//

 Would you wear a palm print?

Want an intense leg workout that will bring amazing results? I have the perfect workout routine for you! I know those two sentences sounded like they were straight from an infomercial, but I’m not kidding when I say this is intense. And it works. I do this leg workout one day per week, and I also do bodypump two days per week, which includes a leg workout as well. With a clean diet and consistency, you will see a huge difference in the shape of your legs with this workout. Doing a leg workout at least two days per week is ideal to get stronger and see changes in your body. 
I didn’t list the weights that I use below since everyone will be different depending on your fitness level. For reference, I use 70 pounds for squats (on my back), 50 pounds for lunges, no weight for plie squats,  40 pounds for both inner and outer thigh abductors, and 65 pounds for the hamstring curls.
I will be back to share my arms, shoulders, abs, and cardio routines as well. 

There were so many fashion misses at the CFDA awards this year (in my opinion), but here are my favorite looks from the event:

Left to right: Olivia Palermo in Dennis Basso, Sofia Vergara in Herve L Leroux, Ireland Baldwin in David Meister 
Who was the best dressed in your opinion?
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