Hello! A few weeks ago, I asked you guys on Instagram stories if you wanted to see a round-up of my favorite podcasts, and I got a resounding YES. If you’re not listening to podcasts yet, it’s time to start! Podcasts are the best because it’s so easy to do something else like drive, put your makeup on, shower (all things I do) while listening to a podcast. You don’t have to watch anything, so your visual attention can be elsewhere…while you soak in something entertaining, inspirational, or whatever it may be. 

There is so much to learn from so many amazing people…it’s overwhelming. I discover new podcasts all the time, and want to just soak it all up. 

Here are my top 6 favorite podcasts, from inspirational to entertaining…

“If you live for weekends and vacations, your shit is broken”

“Your legacy is being written by yourself. Make the right decisions.”

“If you want to be an anomaly, you gotta act like one”

– Gary Vee

Gary Vee is an incredible role model for people in this age of social media. He GETS IT. If you are a business owner, a blogger, or want to create something of your own, Gary’s podcast is a must listen. If you have the time, watch this video – you won’t regret it.

Emily’s podcast is so unique because she talks about all things sex as if it’s not taboo. From manscaping, anal sex, to toys, she talks about IT ALL. I recently listened to an episode where she had two guests – a mother and son, who also have a podcast, talking all about sex (not together). I had never heard anything like that and love how open, funny, and non-judgmental she is. 

LOVE Jenna! She is so REAL. She shares her very personal struggles with her weight and infertility while keeping such a positive attitude. Jenna’s podcast is all about achieving your dreams and providing social media tips and tricks, but there’s such a personal element to it. I feel like I’m Jenna’s BFF (creepy?) while I’m listening. She gives SO MUCH amazing business information, advice, and tips out for free…love that!

Oprah’s podcast is so enlightening…I learn something new from every single interview she does. This one has helped me with mindset…something that I’ve learned makes such a huge difference on life’s outlook.

I am a true crime FREAK. I could listen to this podcast all day long. What I love about it is that you can dive in wherever you want, because each episode is it’s own story, with the exception of a few that have different parts. 

Style Your Mind is exactly what it says it is. Cara is one of a kind. She takes no bullshit and does not allow anything in her control to bring her positivity and glamour down. She gives real life examples of how to “style your mind” that are like nothing I’ve ever heard before. 

Ok, what are your favorite podcasts? 

xo, Lynn