What To Buy on Amazon Prime Day

Happy Amazon Prime Day! AKA Black Friday, Amazon style. You probably know by now that I am completely obsessed with Amazon, so of course I am excited for this sale. It’s the perfect time to stock up on really anything from home products to food to beauty items to fashion. Amazon really has it all. Because of that, shopping the Prime Day sale can be very overwhelming…so I’m going to break it all down for you.

What is Amazon Prime Day? 

+ This day is just for Amazon Prime members (including trial memberships!).

+ The sale starts on 7/16 and lasts a day and a half.

+ Thousands of items on major sale. The deals include spotlight items, which are items with limited stock (when they’re gone, they’re gone!), Lightning items, which are on sale for a limited amount of time, and savings, which are promotions that run throughout the entirety of the sale.

My approach when shopping this sale is to search items by category. Let’s break it down:


Amazon is becoming one of the best places online to buy clothes. The options are just about endless, and they are really stepping up their game in this department lately. If I’m on the hunt for a specific item, I always go to Amazon first, and I usually find what I am looking for. Caution: you will probably go down a rabbit hole looking at clothes! I recently got this dress in navy for a wedding I am attending in August – and it doesn’t disappoint. You might have also seen me wearing this faux leather skirt here and on my Instagram. See all of my fashion picks below!

Fashion Picks


Each year on Prime Day, there are so many techy items on sale. More so than any other category, so this is really the time to get those tech items that you’ve been wanting. Think smart home devices and cameras for starters.

Tech Picks


If you buy vegan handbags, you have to start shopping for them on Amazon! 90% of the bags that I own are from Amazon – they have the widest variety of vegan bags in the world. This quilted bag is so Chanel-esque, and I have it in two sizes and two colors. I get compliments on these bags every time I use them! And for $20, you can’t lose.


+ Bags


Amazon is full of so many amazing health and wellness items – I buy pretty much all of my wellness items from Amazon. My favorites so far: the acupressure mat and my foam roller. It hurts SO GOOD and I can’t get enough. I’ve been bringing my foam roller to the gym with me and it is the perfect ending to my workouts. It really is wellness heaven.

+ Health & Body picks 

You can check out and follow all of my Idea Lists to see everything that I’ve ordered and will be ordering.

What are you looking to score?

xo, Lynn







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