As the temperature continues to rise, (seriously, it’s HOT AS HELL) the more important it is to use a primer. Why spend so much time on perfecting the perfect makeup look only to have it melt off after an hour or two?

Makeup primers really help maintain the freshness of your skin and your overall look. And there are more than just foundation primers! My mascara primer is a huge game changer when it comes to lashes. If you want FULL, false looking eyelashes without having to apply them, try a mascara primer. Really. Trust me. This one from L’Oreal is amazing. It separates, lengthens, and thickens your lashes before applying your regular mascara.

My eyelid primer from Urban Decay is the best of the best because it is yellow toned to combat redness, and it provides a nice base for eyeshadow (or not!).

I have incredibly dry skin, even during the summer months, so I use a hydrating foundation primer on top of the 800 moisturizers and oils I use under my makeup. This one from NYX is so affordable, it doesn’t ball up (like 90% of the primers I have tried), and it provides a beautiful, smooth base for foundation.

Do you have a favorite primer? Maybe a lip primer? I’m on the hunt for a good one!

xo, Lynn