PINK HAIR. It’s something I have dreamed about since I was probably 5 years old. And then when my Spice Girls obsession started around age 10, I NEEDED to have those dip-dyed locks that Baby Spice had. Do you remember?! So I dyed the ends of my hair purple. Pretty sure I looked more grunge than cutes-y Baby Spice. Oh well. I never played around with color like I did then again, until I saw this bottle of Kristin Ess’ Rose Gold Spray. It’s temporary and $12. SOLD. 

The spray color is a temporary tint that you can spray on wet or dry hair, then rinse out and dry.  According to Kristin Ess, “I’m always looking for ways to play with pastel tones in the hair. This is the first ever in-shower watercolor that creates a temporary tone when sprayed on wet hair and then rinsed out. The intensity is up to you. When you spray it on damp, towel-dried hair it will soak up more color and last longer. If you spray it on wet hair it will give you a more subtle tone and will rinse out faster. The pink tone is most visible on pre-lightened/highlighted or blonde hair and washes out in 1-3 shampoos depending on the porosity of your hair.”

My experience: I washed my hair just with shampoo and water, then towel dried my hair. I strategically sprayed the tint over my balyaged pieces as I knew that the color would not pick up on my natural, medium brown hair. PSA: this will NOT work on brunettes. I would consider my hair to be BRONDE as I have several lightened blayaged pieces. I focused on spraying the color at the mid shaft to the ends of my hair, and rubbed it in. I realized that it wasn’t bold enough for me the first time, so I washed and conditioned as the instructions say to do, and then I repeated the process. The second time, I focused on applying the color to the front pieces of my lightened hair and I VERY lightly rinsed it so that the color stayed pretty bold. Worked like a charm! 

Ok, so what are the pros and cons?


+ It is temporary, so there’s really no going wrong.  It’s incredibly easy to apply and there’s little room for error. This isn’t like taking a bottle of black hair dye as a blonde and permanently making your hair one color. It truly does wash out completely after 3 washes, in my experience.

+ It smells so good.  The spray is light and floral, love it.

+ Living out your childhood dream of being a badass!


+ Sorry brunettes, but this won’t work for you unless you have pre-lightened pieces in your hair.

+ It is MESSY. I recommend applying it in the shower. The floor of my shower was HOT PINK and it looked like I murdered a peep. But it was easy to clean. Just be prepared!

The outcome:

Have you tried this spray? Would you try it? Let me know in the comments!

xo, Lynn