Ever since I saw this image on Pinterest years ago, I have wanted a silver Christmas tree, and I finally found the one at Target. It’s so gorgeous – with multi-color lights. 

While I love the florals on the tree above, I thought they’d be too much with the multi-color lights, so I decided on a metallic theme in gold and silver to keep things simple but glam.

Growing up in a Jewish household, I longed to be able to decorate a tree and enjoy it. Christmas was also always the most boring day of the year for me as a kid…and now I am glad to share this tradition of tree decoration with Jeff and our kitties.

My tips for decorating a tree on a budget (because it can get very expensive, am I right?!):

+ Take advantage of large ornaments to get the best bang for your buck! Larger ornaments will fill larger spaces.

+ Start by placing larger ornaments on the inside of the tree for added dimension.

+ Put the ornaments that you want to showcase on the outside – think glittery and sentimental ornaments.

+ Add in smaller ornaments to help fill the space. Long ornaments help in this way too!

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