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There are certain shoes that every woman should own for spring and summer. Put your own style spin on these types of shoes and buy what you LOVE within each of these categories. You’ll be able to wear each pair of these shoes interchangeably with so many different spring and summer outfits from casual to fancy-schmancy. 

1. Metallic flat sandals: I absolutely adore these ones by Stella McCartney. Metallic flats are so versatile – you can wear them with any color. If you’re looking to experiment with shiny shoes, flats are the perfect way to test the waters!

2. White pumps: White just screams summer to me, and I love that white pumps are classic and clean looking. They add a modern touch to just about any ensemble and I know that I will be rocking them during warmer (and colder!) months.

3. Gladiator sandals: Knee-high gladiators are not for the faint-of-heart, or those who do not want attention from men and dirty looks from women (can you tell I’m speaking from experience?!). These gladiators are fun while still being modest in comparison to the knee-high sandals.

4. Chunky heels: How freaking cute are these Isabel Marant lookalikes? Since my attempt to start going cruelty free with my makeup and clothing purchases, I have been on the hunt for some faux-leather shoes similar to the Marants, and these fit the bill. Also just purchased these open toe booties with a chunky heel and LOVE them!

5. Sneakers: Hideous workout shoes are a thing of the past, thankfully! I save my workout shoes for the gym (think gel-soled Asics), but am crazy about casual, chic sneakers. When looking for everyday sneakers, I like to make sure that they are clean, with no large logo emblems or super bright colors. These Nikes go with pretty much any casual outfit.

6. Bold sandals: Go for a pop of color to pair with a LBD or LWD and you’ll instantly look put together. Love these lace-up sandals that pack a bright punch!

What are your favorite kind of shoes to wear during the spring and summer months?