I love lipstick and lip glosses, and these items are my favorite makeup products to buy. I can never have enough. 

I have experimented a lot with different tones, and there are some that are just not for me during anytime of the year. It is so easy to pick the wrong shade of lipstick, and the ‘wrong’ or ‘right’ shades depend on your skin tone and hair color. 

I have a light to medium complexion, depending on whether or not I have self tanned. Cool tones always work best no matter how tan or light I am. If I wear an orange-y red, or a warm brown shade on my lips, it really brings out the warmth, pinks and browns in my skin. Browns especially, which sucks because there are so many pretty (for other people) shades of brown that just accentuate the look of a mustache on me. So cute, right?! 😉

My motto for summer shades is ‘light and bright’. I stick to cool tones as usual. An added bonus of using cool toned lip products: they make your teeth look extra white.

My favorite cool tones summer shades:

1. Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in Bosworth’s Beauty: As the description says, this lipstick is reminiscent of Old Hollywood vibes. It’s glam, but wearable during the daytime too. 

2. ColourPop Ultra Glossy Lip in WeHo: I recently ordered this lip gloss, and it became an instant favorite. I have been wearing it NON STOP. For only $6, this gloss is very impressive. It’s super glossy (for those like me who love a glossy lip), and it is the absolute perfect cool-toned nude. 

3. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Istanbul: I’m not usually one to wear liquid lipsticks or matte lipsticks during the summer, but this one is an exception. The NYX lip creams feel like velvet on the lips, AKA they are not drying. This color is so unique…it’s pink, but not too pink. It’s really the perfect everyday pink.

4. Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in Kim K W: This one has become my favorite nude lipstick. It’s not too brown and not too pink, just the absolute perfect nude with a slight pink hue. Top it with the WeHo gloss and you have yourself a GORGEOUS nude lip! 

Tell me – what are your favorite summer lipstick/gloss shades?

xo, Lynn