SURPRISE! I’m pregnant!

Before we get into it, I want to acknowledge those who may be struggling with conceiving because I know this might be triggering. I understand if you need to click away from reading this post and I send you so much love. Anyone who wants to be a mother will be a mother.

So here we are in July, and I am 6 months pregnant just now writing this blog post. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw the announcement last month. 

I kept it to myself on all of my public platforms to just really soak it up and enjoy before making the big announcement. 

Here’s the tea: I went off birth control a few years ago unrelated to wanting to conceive but more for my overall health. I wrote all about it here. I am SO glad that I made the decision to quit birth control when I did, after being on it for half of my life. Never again. If you are looking to quit birth control, are trying to conceive, or want to avoid getting pregnant but don’t want to be taking faux hormones, I highly, highly recommend the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility. Being off of birth control helped prepare my body in advance for pregnancy. I will write a blog post about everything I did to prepare soon.

Anyway…I have always wanted to be a mom. It’s been my biggest and most real dream. The only solid, big dream. I have other dreams and plans, but being a mom is something I’ve known since I was 3 years old. And I’ve been obsessed with babies my whole life. Always playing with baby dolls as a small child.

My most prized possession was my pregnant Barbie doll. When my mom was pregnant with my sister, she had a book called A Child Is Born that I would pour over as a two and three year old as I waited for my sister to be born. It was fascinating to me and my soul knew then that being a mom is my biggest purpose. I was the kid who would want to hold babies at social functions while my friends thought I was a weirdo. HA!

So as I wasn’t getting any younger, and Jeff and I shared the same vision of being parents one day, we decided to just give trying a ‘go’ in January 2021 with no expectations other than me knowing it could take awhile. He told me many times before January that it would only take one time. LOL is all I had to react to that comment.

Well, well, well…HE WAS FUCKING RIGHT. Two of my close girlfriends also ‘knew’ before I did – they had a knowing. For example, my best friend from middle school sent me a text with the ending “…when you find out you’re pregnant next week” – 3 days before I found out. 😆

Let’s set the scene: At 10:20 PM on February 2nd, I decided to take a test after experiencing what I thought was implantation bleeding. I was 9 days past ovulation. I took a test…the one with the lines.

Hot tip: these tests are anxiety.inducing especially when it’s so early because you might get a realllllly faint positive line. That was exactly what happened.

I knew from all of my knowledge about this stuff that even a faint line IS a positive, but I was in disbelief. HOW did it happen so fast and easy for me?! The next morning, I took a digital test. I wrapped it in a towel, not looking at the results until Jeff and I could look together. I unwrapped it, sitting on the bed at 5:30 AM and the screen SCREAMED: Pregnant. 

The pregnancy happening this fast was so unexpected and of course we are so excited. 

I am so looking forward to sharing this journey with you here.