It’s no secret that I am self-tanner obsessed. Why? I wish I could look like a glowing goddess all the time, but I avoid the sun like the plague. Sun damage is something that is very concerning, not only for the risks of skin cancer, but also because it ages you. 

As a teenager, I LOVED laying out in the sun for hours. Huge mistake. If you’re reading this blog post, and you’re young, please, please stay out of the sun! Your skin will thank you. 

I’m not one for spray tans because, well, they’re just kind of time consuming and expensive. I’ve nailed down my at home, self tanning routine so it’s easy and predictable (no orange Snooki looking tans here!).

My tips:

1) Get a manicure and pedicure BEFORE self tanning

If you’re a routine self-tanner, I’m sure you know all about getting a pedicure afterward. It involves the massage which removes all of your heard earned work of applying your tan! And how embarrassing when it gets all over those white towels! 

2) Shave, dry brush, and exfoliate your skin before applying self-tanner.

This is probably a given, but shave all areas you will be applying self tanner to first. After that, dry brush your skin. It’s seriously amazing for smooth skin, plus it releases toxins from your body. Read more about it HERE.

I wait a couple of days to dry brush again after I self tan to preserve the glow.

3) Wear loose clothing for at least two hours afterward

You don’t want to get those sports bra or panty line marks like you would with a ‘real’ tan! I always apply my self-tanner at night and wear a baggy t-shirt to bed.

My favorite self-tanning products:

1) Loving Tan:

I have tried all of the popular self-tanners out there. This one is THE BEST. It applies evenly (I use a makeup buffing brush to apply to avoid getting it all over my palms), and when it wears off, it just fades. It doesn’t leave you with diseased looking patchy skin. Best of all, the tone of this self-tanner is not orange. It gives you a natural, olive toned glow.

2) Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs:

This is makeup for the body. I love the color ‘Tan Glow’ – it isn’t orange-y like the ‘light’ color from this brand. Airbrush Legs is perfect for special events, or if you’re like me and just want to have smooth, perfect looking legs or arms, this is for you. Bonus is that it does not rub off on your clothes once it dries!

3) Charlotte Tilbury Supermodel Body:

Charlotte Tilbury calls this stuff ‘Slimmer Shimmer’, and that it is! This is the product that all of the Victoria’s Secret models wear during the VS fashion shows. It acts like shapewear lingerie for the skin and gives you a gorgeous subtle glow! 

Now that I’ve shared all of my secrets, tell me yours! I want to hear about any self-tanning methods or products that have worked for you.

xo, Lynn