Having been blonde for a good 3 years, I was totally out of the loop on caring for dark color treated hair. I did more research than I’m willing to admit on the best toning products for brunettes, and I discovered an incredible product to keep your brown BROWN and not red.

Unless you’re a redhead, natural or not, most do not want any red tones.

I would rather have gray hair than red hair. And that is nothing against people with red hair. I think it is so gorgeous, but on me? NO.

The color of the eSalon treatment is scary looking. It is pretty much black! The first time I used it, I only left it on my hair for about 30 seconds out of fear that my hair would change color. 

It did not.

I worked my way up to leaving it on for 5 minutes every other time I wash my hair, and it has kept my brown hair a beautiful neutral shade.

I can’t preach this product enough! If you’re a blonde, brunette, or have red hair, there is a color treatment for you in eSalon’s line. This post is not sponsored at all, I just had to share this amazing line with you all!

You can check it out HERE.

Hope you had a fabulous weekend. Mine involved lots of wine during a trip to Lodi – more on that later this week!

xoxo, Lynn