How to pick the most flattering T-shirt cut for your body:

Boatneck: A boatneck tee can help offset wide hips by making your shoulders look more broad (what I’m wearing above). I was a swimmer for 10 years, so I most definitely have swimmer’s shoulders, but the boatneck cut still works for me because my hips are THERE and in charge! 😉

Crew neck: The crew neck is such a classic style, but it can accentuate a large chest and can make your girls look saggier than they are. Tip: Wear a major push-up bra with a crew neck tee!

V-neck:  A V-neck tee is the most versatile and flattering cut. A V that is too deep can be too revealing, and a v that is too high can accentuate saggy boobs. Getting that sweet spot is the way to go! 

Picking the universally flattering shape:

It might sound ridiculous, but there are 100’s of different T-shirt styles, cuts, and shapes. Even within the same brand, you will find a wide variety of options. The option you cannot go wrong with: a loose-fitting tee that is slightly longer in the back than it is in the front. No matter what the material is, this cut and fit is the most universally flattering. 


Picking the right fabric:

The fabric can make or break your T-shirt style. 

Linen: Universally flattering, looks expensive, keeps you cool, but wrinkles easily.

Modal: Feels silky, but is VERY prone to pilling!

Pima or Supima cotton: The BEST cotton you can buy. It resists pilling and it is Ah-mazing. Unrelated tip: buy Supima sheets for your bed. You won’t regret it.

Polyester: Stays in shape and resists pilling and wrinkling, but it is not breathable or comfortable. 


 My favorite tee of all time: The Anthem tee (ON MAJOR SALE!) from Madewell.  Shop it here.
My favorite tee of all time: The Anthem tee (ON MAJOR SALE!) from Madewell. Shop it here.

Caring for your T-shirts:

The best way to wash your tees is to wash with cold water to avoid shrinkage. I always wash mine on a delicate cycle. Never put your T-shirts in the dryer, which can cause pilling, shrinkage, and that worn-in look that is not cute. Hang your tee’s to dry, or lay them flat. For tee’s that have beading or embellishments, do not dry clean them because 1. It’ll save you money not to, and 2. Dry cleaning chemicals are no-bueno for beading and embellishments. Instead, wash the embellished piece in the washing machine on a delicate cycle inside of a garment mesh bag.

My all time tried and tested favorite tees and care items: