Coat – only $24! | Leggings | Similar sweater | Cami | Similar boots | Sunglasses | Necklace | Bag

I LOVE Valentine’s Day. Yes, it’s totally a holiday that capitalizes on consumerism but it’s still a favorite because what’s better than celebrating LOVE? So cheesy, I know. It’s an opportunity to get all dressed up, buy chocolates and roses. While I love any excuse to get all gussied up, (see what I did there?) there are so many ways to dress up (or down) for Valentine’s Day. 

By taking the clichè factor down a notch from wearing red to wearing blush is perfect for any activity on Valentine’s Day, whether it’s hitting the town with your love or Galentine’s with your friends. To take the sexiness factor up a notch and counteract the femininity of blush, try rocking a faux leather item like leggings, a leather jacket, or some badass boots. 

We will be indulging in pizza at home this Valentine’s Day after a disastrous restaurant experience last year, where we basically got kicked out because of the back to back Valentine’s Day reservations. Not fun to be rushed when you’re trying to be romantic!

What are your plans this Valentine’s Day?

xoxo, Lynn