I’m a known evangelist for vegan leather goods, and bags are my favorite accessory to shop for. As with anything that is usually made with animal products, buying well made bags that are NOT crunchy looking can be hard to come by. Add on not cheap looking to that list. Usually, vegan bags are cheaper than real leather bags…which can sometimes mean that quality is compromised. More on that in a bit. 

Even though vegan bags are usually less pricey,  I’m not one to pay a 9586869 million dollars for bag that is not just perfect. It has to have a very specific look (for what I’m going for and to fit in with my lifestyle). Not covered in logos, not flimsy. The list goes on.  

Solarfun handbag – on Amazon for under $20!

Tips for Shopping for Vegan Handbags

  1. Go for the classic look. Think Chanel minus the leather. I like buying bags that have an added dose of personality…but it can’t be too crazy. For example, this bag above is so gorgeous and classic, but the chain strap makes it a little more edgy. 
  2. Choose a neutral color to start off – neutral color bags automatically look more expensive. My favorite neutrals for bags are nude, black, and white. 
  3. If you’re going for something a little more BAM an flashy, go for a spicy red or a metallic. 

The best places to shop for vegan handbags:


+ Topshop

+ Beyond Skin

+ Stella McCartney

I picked up these sparkly babies at Topshop over the weekend – I LOVE some sparkle!