CND’s Shellac polishes revolutionized the beauty/nail industry by introducing a nail polish that lasts for two plus weeks without chipping. They’ve just introduced a similar product called Vinylux, dubbed a “weekly polish” that gives a seven day wear and does not use a base coat or a UV light. I was excited by the opportunity to try out Vinylux because while I love the everlasting sturdiness of Shellac, I’m paranoid about putting my hands under the UV light, and I get bored of nail colors less than two weeks in. I was a bit skeptical of the staying power of Vinylux because of these above reasons. Read on for photos of how the polish wore over the course of seven days…
Day 1

Please excuse the mess on my index finger. The color I got was Romantique, and it took four coats to appear more opaque and less streaky. It dried super fast, faster than a regular nail polish and gave a shiny finish with the top coat.
Day 4
On day four, there was a little bit of wear around my cuticles and the edges of my nails, but the polish still looked much better than a regular nail polish would’ve looked on its fourth day of wear.
Day 7

Day five was when things went to hell in a hand basket (pun intended). The polish started peeling away at the edges of my nails, and there was some chipping. I would have removed the polish then, but I wanted to wait and see how they would look on day 7, as CND promises that Vinylux is a “weekly polish”. By day 7, I couldn’t wait to remove the nail polish. It was harder to remove than removing a regular nail polish. I normally use acetone to remove my regular nail polish, and I had to let an acetone soaked cotton ball sit on each nail for about two minutes to remove the Vinylux. 
As much as I wanted to love Vinylux, I’m not a believer. I’d rather stick with my regular nail polish, which is just as shiny, lasts just about as long, and is easier to remove. Have any of you tried Vinylux? What did you think?