I am a self professed music hater (but I LOVE GOOD music). Meaning: I am very picky when it comes to my music. Especially when it comes to workout music, because music is my outlet in the gym to just really get into my workouts. 

At home or in the car, I listen to jazz because it’s just so relaxing…but not motivating when you’re trying to do a killer workout. When I’m working out, I love rap, fast paced pop, and a little hard rock. Marylin Manson is one of my favorites while I’m exercising. 

These songs aren’t all ‘clean’…call me weird, but I LOVE a good hardcore, inappropriate song at the gym. Anyone else?

Also, I have to share my favorite headphones with you. They do look like tiny little dildos in your ears, but they’re just so good because they’re wireless: Apple Airpods


xo, Lynn