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Basic connotations aside, rosé really is the best refreshment on a hot summer day…or really any day. Rather than picking up any random bottle of rosé from the store (something I have done and have been disappointed), let me tell you the #1 tip that I have for picking out a delicious rosé that is not too sweet or too fruity.  

Go light.

Lighter rosé’s are drier, and the lighter you go, usually the less sweet the wine will be. The darker you go, the more bold, sweet, and perfume-y the wine will be. 

If you like fruitier flavors, try out rosés made from Grenache, Zinfandel or Sangiovese. For drier rosés, try Pinot Noir, and rosés from Provence and Loire, France. 

The best rosé to give as a gift: Cotes Des Rosés. Not only is the wine delicious, light, and dry, but the bottle is so beautiful! The bottom of the bottle is carved in the shape of a rose. Pro tip: Buy it at Costco for an even deeper discount (at about $10). Total score.

What are your favorite rosé’s?