I’m just now starting to think about wedding outfits – you know, the ones aside from the dress. While I don’t want to look back on photos 10+ years from now and say ‘WTF’, that’s inevitable, isn’t it? Styles change, trends change, what can ya do? I’m embracing what I love and as of now, I don’t really care what I’ll think down the road.

One outfit that I am LOVING for all things bridal: jumpsuits. I can’t get enough.

Similar foam roller

The foam roller is my BFF at the gym. We’re so inseparable that I bring mine with me every time I go to the gym, and look forward to rolling after every workout.

It started with the foam rollers provided at the gym – you’ve probably seen them if you belong to a gym. They’re a cylinder shape. As with most things in life, I wanted to take it up a notch and I ordered this roller with notches on it.

Why do I use it? It releases pain, for starters. It’s a therapeutic tool that is just so important, especially if you are active.

What does it feel like? When you use a foam roller, you use your own body weight against the roller and target specific areas. It feels like a deep tissue massage. Amazing, right? I like to roll my whole body (legs, back, neck, shoulders), however I am usually sore on my mid-low back. I lay on the foam roller on this area for a good 30 seconds at a time to really let the muscle release/relax. It HURTS in a good way. It really helps if you use your breath to manage any pain while rolling.

Let’s dive deeper into the pain relief, AKA Myofascial release. Myofascial relief describes what happens when you apply pressure to the affected areas to eliminate adhesions and release tension, ultimately improving movement and restoring the body back to its natural state. You might wonder what myofascial release means. Fascia is sort of like plastic wrap that covers pretty much every part of your body, comprised of collagen fibers that surrounds and penetrates your muscles, organs and nerves. Fascia essentially holds us together. Of course, sometimes holding everything together can take its toll on your body. It’s no different for our fascia. Through overtraining, it can become sore and restricted. Because of little tears that sometimes don’t heal properly, adhesions develop. If the connective tissue surrounding your muscle becomes restricted, you’ll notice your muscles will also become restricted in their movement. – Source

Not only does foam rolling help with pain relief, they can also help for reducing cellulite. Can we get an amen?! Kayla Istenses talks about this more on her blog: “Improved blood flow can also help with the removal of toxins from your muscles, meaning that foam rolling may help to reduce the appearance of cellulite.”

More benefits of using a foam roller include:

 Improved flexibility and increased joint range of motion

For years, stretching was the standard method to decrease muscle tightness and improve flexibility prior to either working out or performing a sport. Newer research, however, shows foam roller exercises before an activity can lead to an increase in flexibility.

 Improved circulation

Because blood carries oxygen throughout the body, good circulation becomes crucial to overall health. Among other reasons, a decrease in our circulation can lead to a whole host of problems like numbness in our limbs, impaired cognitive ability (the ability to think clearly!) and a weak immune system. Myofascial release can help improve circulation by breaking up the tight areas where blood flow may become restricted.

Stress reduction

Foam roller exercises can help reduce stress post-workout. One study found myofascial release can lower cortisol, your stress hormone that you want to seriously dial down after a strenuous workout. I’m ALL about this one as I am learning a lot about cortisol and how it affects the body.

Reduce exercise-related soreness

Whether you are an experienced athlete or a weekend warrior, you’ve probably experienced delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Research finds foam rolling can substantially reduce the chances of that soreness creeping in so that you don’t spend the day after your first cycling class stuck on the couch wondering why your legs hate you so much.

♡ Prevent injury

Treating an injury becomes much easier when you avoid it in the first place. Oftentimes a consistent routine of proper stretching techniques combined with foam roller exercises can prevent many injuries associated with tightness and overuse.

Do you foam roll? What is your favorite kind?

xo, Lynn

Happy Amazon Prime Day! AKA Black Friday, Amazon style. You probably know by now that I am completely obsessed with Amazon, so of course I am excited for this sale. It’s the perfect time to stock up on really anything from home products to food to beauty items to fashion. Amazon really has it all. Because of that, shopping the Prime Day sale can be very overwhelming…so I’m going to break it all down for you.

What is Amazon Prime Day? 

+ This day is just for Amazon Prime members (including trial memberships!).

+ The sale starts on 7/16 and lasts a day and a half.

+ Thousands of items on major sale. The deals include spotlight items, which are items with limited stock (when they’re gone, they’re gone!), Lightning items, which are on sale for a limited amount of time, and savings, which are promotions that run throughout the entirety of the sale.

My approach when shopping this sale is to search items by category. Let’s break it down:


My style has changed A LOT over the years, and yours probably has too. Even looking back on my blog and the outfits I used to wear, I cringe. Even though my style has changed and is always evolving, it has always been very balanced as in very feminine meets masculine. I’ve also always loved that extra detail or added pop of personality on any clothing item or accessory.

That is not to say that I have not fallen victim to certain styles or trends that just weren’t me. Ask any of my family or friends and they will tell you that at my core, I am a glamour girl. Boho is just not really my vibe when I’m getting dressed, but I dressed that way for awhile because it was ‘cool’ and it still is! It’s just not my thing.

This year, I have been on a mission to only buy what I really love and look inward a bit more when I’m making purchases that match my lifestyle and my personality. AKA reinventing my style to match how I feel (vixen meets glam meets laid back)…and I want to share all of the steps that I took and continue to take to reinvent your own style.

+ Step 1: Identify your look

Is there a celebrity’s style that you’ve admired? A style blogger’s style? If yes, think about what it is that makes their style what it is. Maybe it’s their casual, effortless look with a pop of glam, or boho vibes, or full on vixen. Once you’ve identified this style, head over to Pinterest and look up those exact looks, and get to pinning. Pretty soon you’ll have a board full of style inspiration to help you shop or shop in your own closet to combine certain pieces together.

+ Step 2: Plan with precision

As the saying goes, fail to plan, plan to fail. Make an assessment of your current wardrobe situation and then draw up a plan around what is missing from your closet. For me, I’d like to add in more basics that have that extra glam detail and accessories to layer.

+ Change your beauty routine

New clothes are not always the answer if you’re looking to reinvent your style. A new hair style, hair color, and/or new makeup application can dramatically transform your look.

You’ve may have read my many hair sagas – I’ve gone from natural brunette to platinum blonde and back to brunette over the last 6 years. And it’s true what they say: your hair changes with your life changes. Personally, I feel brighter literally and figuratively with lighter hair & you might have noticed that I am verrrry slowly taking it lighter. My muse (style and everything) is Erika Jayne – LOVE HER…but I don’t think I will be going that blonde anytime soon.

+ Discover brands that match your style and budget

The investment of a sartorial restyle can be buffered by knowing what brands suit your style and budget.

Here is a list of my favorite brands:

For basics:






For dressing up:

House of CB


Missguided – 50% off sitewide right now!


+ Determine your go-to colors
I recently wrote a blog post about finding your power neutral, read it here. Wearing the right colors for your skin tone and hair color can do wonders. As a money saving tip, begin buying accessories in these colors rather than a full-on wardrobe.
Have you gone through a style reinvention? Or would you like to? Let me know! I want to hear your tips and your experience.
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xo, Lynn