Target is really the death of me.

I go in there for toilet paper and come out with a new lipstick, some new home decor, and a Kombucha. Fellow Target lovers, we all know that roaming the aisles is just so fun, kind of like being a kid in a candy store.

When it comes to makeup products, anything that I use really has to be amazing, and because of that, I shop smart. And not everything that I use has to be from the department store or super luxury. And there are some AMAZING makeup products available at the drugstore.

Today while I was looking at my makeup and selecting my holy grail drugstore makeup products to share, I wasn’t intending on them all being from NYX. That just goes to show ya how phenomenal the brand is.

So, here are my faves:

NYX Shimmer Down Pigment in Platinum

 This is hands down the BEST inner eye shadow ever. What do I mean? Pop this shadow on the inner corners of your eyes and they will really pop. I wear this shadow almost daily because it really makes me look awake with just one other eyeshadow, which I’ll get to in a sec.

NYX HD Studio Photogenic Concealer in Porcelain

I learned this trick from the makeup master, Jaclyn Hill, and boy does it make a big difference. After you’ve applied your foundation and concealer, add a LIGHTER concealer just to the apples of your cheeks to make them look like they are coming forward. Don’t believe me? Put a light concealer on one cheek and you be the judge of the difference. It’s amazing really. I love this concealer just for this purpose.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Istanbul

 This liquid lipstick is the best drugstore version ever. I’m usually not a fan of liquid lipsticks because they can be drying on your lips, but this one is not. My tip with liquid lipstick: wear it when you’re at a party or out to dinner because it does not transfer onto your cup or napkin, plus your lips will look fresh the whole time.

NYX Eyeshadow

Using a muave-y color eyeshadow is so flattering! It really adds to that awake look. I only use this eyeshadow in my crease, and a buff it outward towards my temples to elongate the look of my eyes. It’s a barely there kind of eyeshadow, and paired with the bright platinum color on the inner corners, you’re good to go.

Ok, your turn. Tell me your drugstore faves!

xo, Lynn


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Booties are THE shoe of winter. They’re chic & totally IN. I’m loving them more than ever this season, even more than over the knee boots. Why? Because they elongate my body (even though I’m already tall) and I find that they’re very flattering on all shapes and sizes. If you’re a short girl, booties will be your BFF.

Here are my favorite ways to wear booties:


Booties look so chic and streamlined tucked into skinny jeans. My best top is to wear jeggings or skinny jeans on the tighter side, at least at the ankle to avoid bunching.


Love this look when it’s a monochromatic vibe. For example, to keep a long clean line, pair a LBD with black tights and a pair of black booties. So chic! This is such a great way to ‘update’ your look.

If you go bare legged, opt for nude booties to keep that elongated effect.


This is my favorite way to wear booties, and I’ve been rocking this look pretty much every day this fall/winter. Especially with a pair of faux leather booties WITH the faux leather leggings, your legs will look a mile long.

Having a good routine for feminine hygiene is just as important as regular hygiene.

I hope that the subject becomes less taboo than it is now. Having clean & HEALTHY lady parts is nothing to be ashamed of.

So today, I’m sharing all of my top products and tips from keeping boob sweat at bay to cleansing your vagina. Every single item I talk about in this video is CLEAN, cruelty free, and gentle.


You guys might know that my hair is naturally frizzy and curly – I feel like I’ve talked about it a lot. Great for styling, but not great to wear “natural” if ya know what I mean. As a kid, I was always jealous of my friends who had stick straight and SMOOTH hair. That was never me, not even as a 5 year old kid. Always HUGE hair.

This kind of texture can make it difficult to get that bouncy, textured, and just light and airy look. I hope you know what I’m talking about…?

I’m not going to lie…this look takes work and it takes products.

These are four products that I use almost every single time I style my hair.

The first is OUAI’s MEDIUM HOLD HAIRSPRAY. So good. Not only does it smell like Hawaii, it’s so light and does not make the hair crunchy. Noelle, my go-to hair gal taught me an amazing trick with hairspray: spray it on pieces of hair before your curl them. That way, the curl will hold AND you won’t be left with helmet head AFTER you style your hair. This tip is a game changer and you have to give it a try.

For the textured look, my go-to lately has been the ORIBE MATTE WAVES. Yes, I also use the Dry Texturizing Spray that Oribe is so famous for and I love it. However Matte Waves is so amazing for thicker hair and really getting that beachy, textured look. A little goes a long way.

When I was introduced to EXPENSIVE from IGK I feel in love immediately. For us girls with coarse hair, it can tend to look lackluster. I add shine to my hair every single day by mixing EXPENSIVE with OUAI HAIR OIL and it is bomb.

I also love to use the HAIR OIL on its own right after I wash my hair, while it’s wet. It adds a layer of heat protection and makes your hair super smooth.

What is your holy grail hair product?

xo Lynn

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Let’s get REAL about Black Friday. Who goes out and actually shops in stores on Black Friday?

…And why not sit in your stretchy pajamas and shop online, when you can get the deals from the comfort of your computer or phone? We live in an age where everything is online, and can shop to our heart’s content while eating Thanksgiving leftovers and sitting in front of the TV.

The last time I went out on Black Friday was a complete shit show. My sister and I braved it together…and it was so bad that she actually got out of my car to physically stand in a parking spot so that someone else wouldn’t snatch it. LOL.

I will be hanging out and shopping from my laptop on Friday, in COMFORT.

With that, here is where I will be shopping and some of my picks:

AMAZON: the deals vary. Up to 80% off!!


ASOS: Up to 60% off


NORDSTROM: Up to 60% off select items

H&M: 20% off your purchase of $75 + free shipping