I’m Lynn and welcome to All Gussied Up! I started this website in 2009 as a way to share beauty and fashion inspiration. At the time, I was a college student studying Psychology and I felt pretty unfulfilled (ok, I was bored as fuck!) and that’s when it really clicked that I wanted to do my own thing. My friends and family came to me for beauty and fashion advice, and I always knew, even as a little girl, that I would do something with my love of beauty specifically that was bigger than just lending advice here and there. 

Over time, my blog evolved from fashion and beauty to a lifestyle brand focused on beauty and wellness. 

All Gussied Up is your uncensored resource for everything beauty and wellness. You can view the categories of content on this site at the top of the page under “categories”. I love sharing taboo topics such as birth control, sexual wellness, organic tampons, and so much more “real talk”. Yep, we go there.

Thank you for following along – I hope you’ll stay a while! XX, Lynn