I was listening to one of Gary Vee’s podcasts on caring what other people think, and what he said really struck me.

“So many people make big life decisions based on other people’s opinions. You care so much about what your mom, dad, brother, or friends think that you’re allowing them to dictate your actions in life.

At the core of it, the barriers so many people have aren’t really about “money” or “time.” They’re about opinions. 

It’s the biggest reason so many people are unhappy right now. Because they value someone else’s opinion more than their own. 

Once you get past that, life can get real good.”

Can you relate?

I can too. I am totally a people pleaser. I never want people to think ill of me, and if I am ever in an awkward situation, I have thought about it for days on end, replaying it in my mind. Before, I also didn’t always wear what I thought I ‘shouldn’t’ be wearing out of fear of being judged. Side note: I still struggle with this!

But let me tell you, it’s a huge WASTE OF TIME.

I have built my confidence over lots and lots of time, and I am always a work in progress, however over the last several months in particular, I have been working on giving no fucks.

Most people are really not paying attention to your every move, those awkward things you might have said or done etc. Most people are actually worried about how they are coming across, they don’t care what you’re wearing, what color your hair is, or something you said that you felt was weird or awkward.

This brings me to the fact that IF people do judge you, it is about their own perception.

Back to Gary See, because he just hits the nail on the head with this.

“So they tell Ricky to go to Princeton because they want to brag about it — not because it’s the best move for their kid. 

And it goes broader than just parents.

The truth is, no one has 100% context on your life outside of you. The reason I don’t value my wife’s or my mom’s opinion more than my own is because they don’t know 100% of everything.”

So, go out and be bold. Own your unique self, make decisions for YOU. Maybe you have been wanting to color your hair pink – do it. Maybe you want to wear a fun fringe mini skirt to that party you have coming up – do it. Maybe you want a new career, but everyone is nay-saying it. Do it!

I have asked a few older people about their life, my Grandma in particular, and she has a regret: she wanted to go to medical school, but that wasn’t a career for women at the time, so she did not go. It’s a regret. And a lot of older people will tell you that they have regrets.

Don’t let your life be dictated by others’ opinions.

See what happens when you live your life the way that you want to and give no fucks. Maybe people will respond to your choices, but those responses should not have any power over you.

So go out and give no fucks, and see your world open up!

xo, Lynn

Who doesn’t want white teeth?! Our teeth can yellow due to genetics, what we eat and drink – hello coffee lovers! I love me some coffee, so making sure that I keep my smile white and bright is very important to me. Let’s get into 3 ways to make your smile whiter AND maintain it:


What’s better than a dentist quality whitening? NOT going to the dentist to whiten your teeth! Smile Brilliant offers dentist quality whitening without having to sit in the chair. You know, that anxiety inducing char. Okay, even if it is for whitening, I still don’t like it!

Anyway, Smile Brilliant offers two different systems: one for people with sensitive teeth and one non-sensitive. You guys…their system is really the best. And it’s easy & made just for you. What do I mean? You’ll take a mold of your teeth, send it to Smile Brilliant, and then they’ll send you custom trays to use. Want more info? “From dental lab to your door. Our teeth whitening process is recommended by more dentists than any other procedure in America. We proudly produce our custom-fitted whitening trays right here in the United States for 70% less than your dentist and 3x to 5x faster. We ship worldwide & our customers trust our team’s honesty and experience.” How is that for amazing?

I was afraid that my teeth and/or gums would hurt from the whitening gel, but I felt no discomfort. I used the trays everyday until I was out of syringes, and recommend doing this for the best and fastest results.

See the my results for yourself:


A fake tan and a good lipstick will do the trick. Both will make your teeth look A LOT whiter.

Let’s get specific. Opt for a natural looking tan. My favorites are NKD SKN and Loving Tan. Neither brand sells orange toned tanners. The same goes for lipstick – go for cool toned colors to make your teeth look more white. Orange-y tones will bring out the yellow in your teeth. So, if you go for red, use a blue toned red.


By clean, I mean using a toothpaste without the bad shit such as: carrageenan, fluoride, and sweeteners. Yes, many toothpastes contain all of these ingredients! My new favorite is from Dr. Bronner’s. It’s pepperminty and fresh, and makes your smile sparkle and your mouth feel clean.

Side note: Before I started using Dr. Bronner’s, I was using a charcoal toothpaste because I thought that it was beneficial for dental health and the color of your teeth. While charcoal toothpastes DO whiten your teeth, they are also damaging to your tooth enamel. We’re talking permanent damage.

“Prolonged use of charcoal to whiten teeth is likely to lead to dramatic enamel erosion and permanent damage to the tooth with incredibly superficial results.” – Smile Brilliant

I am so grateful to Smile Brilliant for educating me on this, as I would have continued on using charcoal toothpaste. Check out their page HERE for more info.


Smile Brilliant is so kind to give away a whitening kit to one lucky winner!

Want to get a system now? Smile Brilliant is offering my readers 15% off any kit with code: allgussiedup15 at SmileBrilliant.com !

Good luck!

xo, Lynn

We all know that the best way to plan ahead with what to wear is to pick out your outfit the night before. Check the forecast, choose your outfit, accessories, and shoes so they’re all ready to go. Anything to make things EASY, right?

But it doesn’t always go that way, at least not for me.

When I don’t have time to put an outfit together in advance, I usually always go for the same STAPLE outfit.

GO-TO Outfit Whenever I’m Pressed For TIME:

The top: I love rocker tee’s because they add personality to your outfit while still being very easy to wear. You can find rocker tee’s at so many places, like Forever 21, Urban Outfitter’s, Revolve, and ShopBop. This one is my favorite, from Revolve.

The jewelry: Coco Chanel once said, “before leaving the house, a lady should look in the mirror and remove one accessory.” Great advice if you’re one to pile on the jewels. Side note: I used to! Right now I love to wear dainty yet edgy accessories and I stick to only a few. They add an extra punch to your look without taking over your outfit. My favorite pieces are from Miranda Frye.

The jeans: I am a total jeans girl. I live in them. Fun story about these jeans: back when the Rachel Zoe project was on TV, I became obsessed with flares. I bought this pair from JBrand — same pair that Rachel always wore, and wore them to death. A couple of years later, I lost some weight, had them taken in, and I didn’t fit into them again until recently. Score! I am really loving flares again because they’re just so fun, and they are super flattering if worn right. Make sure that they’re not too long (not dragging on the ground) and not too short.

The jacket: A black faux leather jacket will always be a staple for me. Love this biker jacket from BlankNYC.

The sunglasses: Any pair of oversized black sunglasses are my go-to. I bought this pair on Amazon years ago, and wear them all the time.

The shoes: Fun fact – pointy toe shoes pair perfectly with flares. A pair of black or white pumps add some polish to this look!

xo, Lynn


Oils, oils, oils. Anyone else obsessed with oils? I have talked about coconut oil, oils for your diffuser, and oils for your face here on the blog. Now let’s talk about oil fragrance. I purchased a couple of oil fragrances online a few months ago, and I am IN LOVE. The fragrance lasts so much longer than a regular spray perfume, and the smell is so much more rich. Plus, it’s so much better for your skin than alcohol based fragrance. Don’t believe me? Check this out via Ambre Blends:

Now let’s get to my ALL TIME favorite oil fragrance in the world. Yep, it’s that good. Egyptian Musk by Kuumba Made. I buy it at Whole Foods for $10.99, and it is just a bottle of pure magic. The scent is like no other. As a pre-teen and young teenager, I was obsessed with White Musk. Does anyone remember that fragrance? I LOVED it. Well, Egyptian Musk smells pretty similar and it’s much better for you than White Musk a la the above information.

I love the smell because it’s not overly perfume-y, you know, like a guy who has spritzed himself to oblivion in cologne because he thinks it’s sexy, or like someone who has just tried all of the perfumes at the duty-free shop at the airport. And yeah, that HAS been me before.

The musk blends in with your skin to give you a kind of custom smell. Ok, now this is starting to sound a bit creepy. But stay with me. It just smells sexy and clean, at least to me. I find myself smelling my wrists several times a day because it’s just so amazing. It’s elegant and chic because it is in no way overpowering.

Tip: apply the oil right after you get out of the shower, and it’ll stick even better. I like to do this with my facial oils as well.

So, if you are someone who wants to smell chic and elegant, you will love this fragrance.

xo, Lynn

I love beautiful things. Fun fact: this blog was named Beautiful Things Diary (insert crying laughing emoji here) back when I launched it in 2008. Whether it’s a beautiful vase, a vintage piece of jewelry, or a pretty coffee mug, I am here for those little luxuries. Pretty things just make your environment so much better. I love how the simplest, most inexpensive items can help your space feel more like you do on the inside. For me personally, I like my space to be clean and glam.

You do not need to invest a bunch of money into curating your environment. Here are 6 ways to raise the glam vibes:

They are:

  1. Curate a beautiful coffee mug collection. Ok, this might sound so small and silly…but it is so nice to wake up and enjoy a cup of coffee (or tea, if that’s your thing) in a beautiful mug. My favorites are a simple white mug and clear mugs from Crate and Barrel. These are both so elegant in my opinion, and they remind me of drinking coffee in a luxurious hotel room.
  2. Use uniform hangers in your closet. I love my black felt hangers! Not only are they sleek, but they are also space saving because of their shape and thin-ness. Your clothes will stay on the hangers much easier, and won’t have those stretched out shoulders like you experience sometimes with wire hangers. Plus, you’ll feel like you’re shopping at a fancy boutique right inside your own closet.
  3. Invest in comfy and pretty pajamas. Do you immediately take your bra off when you get home? ME TOO. The second I get home for the day, I put on comfy clothes. I am one who will wear anything at home, as long as it’s comfortable, including worn out sweats. BUT I have learned that I just feel so much better if I am wearing pajamas that are pretty AND comfortable. They just up the vibe, you know? I love these ones from Nordstrom.
  4. Add fresh flowers to your home. Fresh flowers are so inexpensive and they make such a huge difference in your home. It also feels really good to buy yourself a bouquet. 😉 My favorite place to purchase fresh flowers is Trader Joes – specifically their roses for $6.99. I buy a couple of bouquets each week, and create two or three arrangements to place around my space.
  5. Play relaxing vibe-y music. There is nothing I love more than a GOOD playlist. At home, I am always listening to jazz. Specifically, elegant and upbeat jazz. I recently combined the best of a couple playlists I found on Spotify – Bossa Nova and Elegant Affair into Vibes. Here it is! Play it while you’re working, cooking, cleaning, anything really…you’ll love it.