I love beautiful things. Fun fact: this blog was named Beautiful Things Diary (insert crying laughing emoji here) back when I launched it in 2008. Whether it’s a beautiful vase, a vintage piece of jewelry, or a pretty coffee mug, I am here for those little luxuries. Pretty things just make your environment so much better. I love how the simplest, most inexpensive items can help your space feel more like you do on the inside. For me personally, I like my space to be clean and glam.

You do not need to invest a bunch of money into curating your environment. Here are 6 ways to raise the glam vibes:

They are:

  1. Curate a beautiful coffee mug collection. Ok, this might sound so small and silly…but it is so nice to wake up and enjoy a cup of coffee (or tea, if that’s your thing) in a beautiful mug. My favorites are a simple white mug and clear mugs from Crate and Barrel. These are both so elegant in my opinion, and they remind me of drinking coffee in a luxurious hotel room.
  2. Use uniform hangers in your closet. I love my black felt hangers! Not only are they sleek, but they are also space saving because of their shape and thin-ness. Your clothes will stay on the hangers much easier, and won’t have those stretched out shoulders like you experience sometimes with wire hangers. Plus, you’ll feel like you’re shopping at a fancy boutique right inside your own closet.
  3. Invest in comfy and pretty pajamas. Do you immediately take your bra off when you get home? ME TOO. The second I get home for the day, I put on comfy clothes. I am one who will wear anything at home, as long as it’s comfortable, including worn out sweats. BUT I have learned that I just feel so much better if I am wearing pajamas that are pretty AND comfortable. They just up the vibe, you know? I love these ones from Nordstrom.
  4. Add fresh flowers to your home. Fresh flowers are so inexpensive and they make such a huge difference in your home. It also feels really good to buy yourself a bouquet. 😉 My favorite place to purchase fresh flowers is Trader Joes – specifically their roses for $6.99. I buy a couple of bouquets each week, and create two or three arrangements to place around my space.
  5. Play relaxing vibe-y music. There is nothing I love more than a GOOD playlist. At home, I am always listening to jazz. Specifically, elegant and upbeat jazz. I recently combined the best of a couple playlists I found on Spotify – Bossa Nova and Elegant Affair into Vibes. Here it is! Play it while you’re working, cooking, cleaning, anything really…you’ll love it.