This past weekend, Jeff and I went on our first getaway to Mammoth Lakes and it was incredible! The area has so much to offer as far as sights go – it is truly one of the most beautiful places I have ever traveled to. Lucky for us, it’s about a 4 hour drive from the Bay Area. We loved that it’s less touristy than Lake Tahoe, but has endless charm!   

Cold weather destinations are my kind of romantic. We bundled up each day, Jeff made a fire each night (and morning, he was kind of obsessed), and I finally finished The Girl On The Train. I loved it! Definitely was NOT expecting that ending. 

Where to stay: Edelweiss Lodge

Our stay at Edelweiss Lodge was so lovely, and boasts the perfect cozy cabin experience. Terry and Dawn, the owners were so gracious and helpful. They even had fresh baked cookies waiting for us in our room! Jeff and I loved that we could stay in and cook – just what we need when we’re both high maintenance, everything-free eaters.

How adorable is this cabin?! The balcony was perfect for enjoying a cup of coffee while overlooking all of the beautiful trees.

You can book your stay HERE!

What to do:

1. Walk around Convict Lake

Convict Lake is known for being a great fishing spot and dramatic mountains that encapsulate the lake. The name does make you wonder, right? Well, during our walk around the lake, we read that the lake was named after a group of convicts who escaped from prison in Carson City who encountered a group of men led by a sheriff. There was some sort of fight, and one guy from the “good” side was murdered by the convicts. Creepy, right? 

If you’re looking for an easy walk, there is a nice paved trail around Convict Lake.

2. Take a dip in the Hot Springs!

We decided to visit Wild Willy’s Hot Springs at night since we figured no one would be there when it was pitch black out, literally in the middle of nowhere. Plus, neither of us brought bathing suits on this trip, so night time seemed like the perfect time to take a dip in the nude. WRONG. We walked out to the Hot Springs, which took a good 15-ish minutes from the unpaved parking lot and 3 mile long gravel road to get there…and were disappointed to see that everyone had the same idea. There were at least 3 hot spring “pools” filled with people….so no skinny dipping for us, although that is the norm there which was lucky for me, going in in my underwear.

  Image via:  Outdoor Project
Image via: Outdoor Project

3. Hike Obsidian Dome/Panum Crater

If you’re a geology nerd, you will LOVE Obsidian Dome. We hiked it, and there was not another soul there. Kind of creepy in my horror movie infested mind, but kind of cool also. It was like we were on Mars.

4. Hike around Emerald Lake

Emerald Lake has it all: tall mountain tops, snow (during some seasons), densely packed pine trees, and beautiful trails. It was the most grand body of water that we visited in Mammoth Lakes. So picturesque! 

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway, you will love Mammoth Lakes! Especially during this time of year when it’s just starting to get cold and there are snow on the tops of every mountain. You certainly won’t be disappointed. And being in freezing weather is perfect for lovers! 😉 

xoxo, Lynn