Oh, how I feel like a big hippie writing this post. 

First things first, I am one of those people who NEEDS to wear deodorant. If I forget, which happens quite often, I don’t even want to be around myself. I have been known to buy the toughest strength, clinical, and men’s deodorants in the past. 

While I have used these kinds of deodorants for years, they still give me the heebie-jeebies…because I really do not like the idea of applying estrogen producing aluminum and a host of other chemicals on to my arm pits and between my boobs. Yep, I apply deodorant between my boobs…large chested ladies, you feel me, right?

I knew this wasn’t ideal, but your typical chemical packed deodorant keeps you fresh and clean feeling all day, a feeling that is worth a lot…but now I am done with the chemicals. See a list HERE of the 7 harmful chemicals that are included in most mainstream deodorants. And read HERE all about aluminum being horrible for you. 

So, I went on a quest to find the best possible all natural, cruelty free, vegan deodorant. I was very pleasantly surprised by what I found. There were some disappointments, too. If you’re on a quest to find a chemical free deodorant, do not use TOMS. You will smell like you haven’t showered in 6 days within 3 hours of wearing it.

Behold the best (IMO) natural deodarants:

Lavanila Healthy Deodorant in Pure Vanilla: This one is my favorite. Not only does it smell so good – not overpowering, but fresh and powdery with a hint of vanilla, its applicator is comfortable and smooth. The formula is creamy and it has been the best natural deodorant to keep sweating under control. 

Bali Secrets Natural Deodorant in Delicate Rose: This deodorant is a great everyday deodorant if you’re not doing a high level of activity. This is not to say that you can’t wear it during a workout because of excessive sweating and smelliness, because it does do its job. I just find that everything is just a bit more under control with the Lavanila. Bali Secrets is much lighter weight as it is a more liquid-y formula. The rose scent is subtle and fresh, not overpowering Grandma.

Green Tidings All Natural Deodorant Extra Strength in Lavender: This one is the most hippie-dippy of them all. But it works amazingly well. I’d say just as well as the Lavanila. It glides on smooth, but not as smooth as the Lavanila. It’s a tad more waxy, but not icky feeling at all. If you love the smell of Lavender, you need this one!

Have you tried any natural deodorants? If so, please let me know what your favorites are in the comments!

xoxo, Lynn