Get The Best Tan Ever: NKD SKN

I have professed my love of faux tans since I started this blog 9 years ago, and boy have self tanning products come a long way since then.

I was that girl in high school who looked like an oompa loompa, but hey, it was better than being pale AF in my mind at the time. Yikes.

That has changed with taste and with the evolution of some amazing products.

NKD SKN recently sent over some tanning products for me to try, and now that I have used each of them for over a month, I can confidently say that they are all incredible for achieving a natural looking glow. If you’re wondering why NKD SKN sounds familiar, they are owned by Vita Liberata, one of the most popular self tanning companies in the world.

Let’s chat about the NKD SKN Gradual Tan Lotion first. I did not think I was going to like this product because 1. it’s gradual, and I like to go from 0 to DARK fast, and 2. I have never really been a fan of tanning lotions as they tend to be greasy. I’m always wanting to go, go, go, whether it’s to bed after applying self tanner or to put on comfy clothes.

However…this lotion is a beast of its own. It has never been so easy for me to apply a self tanner before. I use their mitt, and it literally takes me 3 minutes to apply from head to toe. And I can put my clothes on after only a couple of minutes. There is also no smell whatsoever. The best part? The tan is incredible, even the first time. I mean it.

The lotion works to develop natural-looking color over 4-8 hours, and can be used daily for deeper color.

♡ How to Apply NKD SKN Gradual Tan Lotion:  Exfoliate thoroughly at least 8 hours before. Why? So that the pores aren’t open when you apply the self tanner. When they’re open, you might see small brown specs on your legs where your hair follicles are. Leave on at least 6 hours for the color to develop before showering.

Let’s talk ingredients. The list of ingredients is one of the most impressive I’ve come across in the tanning industry. The lotion boasts a ton of natural and organic ingredients – from aloe vera to shea butter, to a long list of fruit extracts. Plus the tanning agent – dihydroxyacetone or (DHA) is Ecocert-Certified (Ecocert being the European organic certification organization).

Pre-Shower Gradual Tan Lotion

I had never heard of a product like this one. The concept is as simple as rubbing in the cream and washing off 10 minutes later – how amazing is this?! Every on-the-go girl’s DREAM!

♡ How to Apply NKD SKN Gradual Tan Lotion: Apply the lotion all over, just like you would with any other tanning product. After I apply the lotion, I apply coconut oil to my scalp before washing my hair, or remove any makeup pre-face washing.

Once you’re in the shower and washing off, you can definitely feel the cream coming off the skin, and it does rinse off just ever so slightly green.

Wait 6 – 8 hours and you will be perfectly golden. I’ve use it both in the morning and before bed and you can seriously see the difference. This product wears SO well.

Tan Mousse

I have been a tanning mousse gal for years because it dries super fast, and you can see the color going on as you apply it, making the whole thing fail-proof. This is no different. With this tanning mousse in particular, it dries so fast that you can get dressed immediately after applying, even into white clothes.

This product contains Odour RemoveTM for zero smell, which is an added bonus.

♡ How to Apply NKD SKN Tan Mousse: Make sure that you’ve washed your body, shaved, and exfoliated at least 8 hours before applying the mousse. Ideally you should wait 24 hours to let those pores close. Use a tanning mitt and apply mousse in circular motions. I apply a lotion to my hands, knees, elbows, and feet when using this mousse.

The mousse is light and airy, easy to apply. It glides like velvet over skin, and provides a patchless tan. This mousse lasted me a good 6 days. No patchiness!!

Get yourself some NKD SKN – this stuff is GOOD.

xo, Lynn


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