The All Gussied Up Podcast
The All Gussied Up Podcast
Fitness, Healing Your Hormones, and Fertility with Ashley Pitt

Ashley and I first met at the gym a couple of years ago. I was a participant in her Booty Barre class while she was pregnant with her son, Brady. We soon made a connection over blogging: Ashley has been blogging over at A Lady Goes West over the last several years on healthy living. She has been named “40 Under 40” in the East Bay by Diablo Magazine, as well as “Blogger of the Week” by POPSUGAR and has been published and quoted on Mindbodygreen, Huffington Post, LIVESTRONG, Healthline, POPSUGAR and more.

Today, Ashley and I are chatting about how to get into fitness, motivation tips, healing your hormones, clean beauty, and fertility.

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