I LIVE for a good pair of sunglasses. The bigger, bolder, embellished, reflective, the better. I am known to wear some ‘wild’ sunglasses according to my family who make fun of me. Why NOT have a little extra fun with your accessories? Sunglasses are the one accessory that I ALWAYS like to be ‘out there’…within reason. Since it’s fun to wear sunglasses that aren’t necessarily always ‘classic’, I don’t like to spend a ton of money on them, unless they are pretty classic.

Many pairs in my collection are designer dupes. First, my take on designer lookalike items: I don’t think there is anything wrong with sunglasses that are very similar looking to a designer pair as long as the designer name isn’t on the dupe pair – that is unacceptable. 

On to my favorite sunglasses…

PAIR 1 | PAIR 2 | PAIR 3 – similar | PAIR 4

What are your thoughts on designer dupes? 

xo, Lynn