Outfit is from the fabulous Flaunt Boutique in Danville, CA!

Over the past several years since ombre became a ‘thing’ in the fashion and hair world, I’ve heard so many people say “ombre is so over”. But it is still here – it has merely just evolved. Since 2009ish, it has slowly become more sophisticated. Gone are the days of the stark line from dark to light in both hair and fashion.


Now it’s more about wearing gradient hues within each piece of clothing to create a subtle ombre look…also known as sombre in the hair world. But today we’re talking about putting together a polished ombre outfit.

You can do this in so many different ways with so many different articles of clothing. 

My tips for putting together an ombre outfit:

Mix textures! This keeps your look interesting and steers you clear of that 2009 look. For example, in my outfit above, I paired a chunky knit sweater with black marbling, distressed dark gray denim, a faux suede belt, and faux leather boots. Since everything was already in the same color family, it’s fun to play up an ombre look with at least two different textures. 

Go dark to light . . . or light to dark. Keeping it contrasty is so fun! If you’re having trouble deciding how to put an ombre outfit together, think about what areas you want to minimize and which you want to maximize. For example, if you want to showcase your shoulders/chest, opt for a light color on top, and then transition to a darker color at the bottom. 

Let your accessories help. If you’ve got a white top to pair with black jeans and want to make the look ombre-d, add a gray belt to help with the gradient effect. In my case, I wanted to go from solid gray to solid black, so I added a light gray hat to finish off my look. It’s fun to get creative with accessories!

What do you think about ombre in general? Hot? Not? 

xoxo, Lynn

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