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Shopping sales can be overwhelming and pressuring. When I first browsed through the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale items, I was impressed with the selection but also over-stimulated with so many options.

My tips for sale shopping, specifically the Half Yearly Sale:

1. Buy what you need. I keep a list of clothing items that I need, and picking up those items during a sale is ideal. For example, a high-quality (AKA no Forever 21) crisp white button down has been on my list for months. I love the one above from Topshop, and the pleats on the back give it some added personality.

2. Pick up pricey items that you’ve been lusting over. For me, this is workout shoes and clothes. I don’t love to splurge on workout shoes and clothing, but Nordstrom carries some amazing brands that I wear everyday to the gym. They’re well worth the investment, but even more so when they’re on sale! I’ve been wearing the Live-In Zella leggings to the gym at least twice a week since I picked them up during last year’s Half Yearly Sale.

3. Treat yo’ self to something you wouldn’t normally buy. Whether it’s a sexy dress for date night, or a pair of cut-off denim shorts that you’ve been thinking about rocking, DO IT!