Eyebrows are one of the most important features on your face, and they are often ignored. They truly do frame your face. Want to look angry? Furrow your brows…want to look surprised? Raise your brows. The list goes on. 

I never paid attention to my brows when I started wearing makeup, up until I was probably 25 years old. Yikes!

First things first – if you’re not big on makeup, I highly recommend Henna for your brows. I actually just tried it for the first time, and as a person with blonde brow hair, it has been life-changing. Note: dying your brows is no illegal in California among other states. Asking for dye on your brows could result in a huge fine for the salon…and they’ll probably caution you against it anyway.

I also wouldn’t recommend Henna’ing or shaping your brows yourself. You could end up looking like Frida Kahlo… Ok, she did rock them well! Or worse, the sperm brows. 

On to the next step in getting supermodel brows.

By the way, Henna is totally optional. That is just an added bonus. 

Once you have your brows shaped by a professional (and maybe henna’d), on a daily basis:

1) Use disposable eyebrow/eyelash brushes to brush your brow hairs up, towards your hairline before applying any eyeshadow or brow products. This really opens up the face and gives you an instant brow lift! I use these.

2) Apply light strokes of a brow pencil in the direction of your hair growth. I like to start at the top of my brows and work my way down, towards my eyelid. I use this pencil from Anastasia Beverly Hills. Starting at the bottom makes them look droopy from my experience.

3) Lightly brush your brows (up) again after using your brow pencil to soften the look.

4) Ok, this is my new FAVORITE brow product. Apply a colored brow gel which matches the color of your pencil (I HIGHLY recommend this one) to your brows in upward, small motions. This will give your brows that Gigi Hadid/supermodel look. THIS gel coats those lashes that don’t get “picked” up using a pencil, and it separates the brows from each other to give you a really natural “I woke up like this” look. Basically, no Instagram brows here. 

On the left: My shaped and Henna’d brow. On the right: my supermodel brow.

Now I want to know: what are your brow tips and go-to’s?

xoxo, Lynn