Instead of making a boring list of products, let’s just talk about these amazing travel musts for your beauty bag, shall we? 

We’ve all seen those perfectly curated travel essentials blog posts and magazine articles, sometimes filled with gratuituous and fluff items. But these are items that I think everyone can use while traveling (or not)…these are also pretty much everyday essentials when I’m not traveling.

I’m going up to the mountains this weekend, and I could not be more excited to get away from the bipolar weather we’ve been experiencing in most of California. Since my skin is already super dry, I’m making sure to pack my Obagi Hydrate Luxe moisturizer. It is a MUST if you have extremely dry skin. While we’re on the topic of skincare, Sanitas’ GlycoSolution has been a pseudo toner for me to use in the morning. Not only is it great to help keep sun damage at bay, it tingles and makes your skin feel so CLEAN while getting rid of impurities. If you are new to this kind of product, please use a 10% solution and then work your way up.

You know me with getting rid of nasty, chemical filled beauty products. Toothpaste was on my list to replace a few months ago and I’m so glad that I did. This list explains what is in many drugstore and mainstream toothpastes, and it will really gross you out. I mean, you’re putting this stuff in your mouth twice a day (sometimes more). The list:


The dangers of fluoride, especially when it is ingested, are becoming increasingly well-known. This byproduct of manufacturing certain metals has been found to have neurotoxic properties, and is linked to raising blood sugar.

Even if you’re not eating it, accidentally swallowing fluoride toothpaste is linked to stomach pain, dizziness, vomiting, headaches and skin rashes.


This is the ingredient added to many toothpastes–– and a range of other personal care products – to make them foamy. Along with foam, SLS is linked to skin and eye irritation, genetic mutations, hormonal imbalances and cancers.


Triclosan is a common ingredient added to toothpastes for its antibacterial properties. However, this ingredient, which originated as a pesticide, has been linked to allergies and hormonal disruption, and is thought to be contributing to the epidemic of antibiotic resistance.


Also an ingredient found in antifreeze, propylene glycol is added to some toothpastes to act as a surfactant ( lowers the surface tension between two substances ). Chronic exposure to propylene glycol is linked to liver, kidney and neurological issues.


You know those pretty little flecks housed within some toothpaste gels? Those are microbeads, and they not only pollute lake sediment, dentists have found them lodged in people’s gums. A microbead stuck in your gum line can lead to irritation, infection, and even, eventually, periodontal disease.


DEA is a chemical compound that, like sodium lauryl sulfate, causes personal care products to foam. Unfortunately, DEA has also been linked to skin irritation, hormonal disruption, and a potentially higher risk of certain cancers, including those of the kidney and liver.


Artificial colorings are often petroleum based, and include other industrial chemicals. Many common color combinations have been linked by research to hyperactivity in children, & a risk of severe allergic reactions. Some have been linked to cancers in lab animal tests.


If you see the terms “artificial flavors” or “natural flavors” on a label, these could be virtually anything. In the case of artificial flavors, they could be derived from a number of chemical ingredients.

Natural flavors are not as natural as you may think–– raspberry flavor, for example, is a highly processed derivative of the secretions of the anal scent glands of beavers… really.


This ingredient is added to some whitening toothpastes, to give it a “scrub” quality to remove stains. Unfortunately, this can also wear down tooth enamel, which can lead to a host of dental issues.


This compound is the solid state of the artificial sweetener known as saccharin. Artificial sweeteners have serious potential dangers, and some early animal studies on saccharin linked the compound to bladder cancer.

Are you not sufficiently disgusted? I was when I read this list. I had used TOM’S toothpaste in the past and was not a fan. But I have been using Desert Essence toothpaste and I absolutely love it. I love the freshness and the flavor so much more than any drugstore brand I’ve used. It’s very invigorating, minty, and long-lasting like you want your toothpaste to be. Just without all of those nasty chemicals. I would check out this toothpaste, or another all natural brand for yourself…especially if you don’t want to be brushing your teeth with the secretions of the anal scent glands of beavers!!

I have raved about Oribe’s Aprés Beach and Wave Spray in the past, but this stuff doubles as a texturizer and a shine spray, making it the perfect travel hair companion. Plus, this one is small enough for your carry on which is an added bonus.

Just a couple of days ago, I raved about Lavanila deodorant and this is one that will be traveling with me everytime. It is powdery fresh smelling and really keeps you from stinking even when exercising. 

Speaking of smelling good, I like to bring travel sized perfumes with me while I travel because bringing a smaller size is less of an investment if they break, and it’s so easy to just pop a small bottle in your bag when you’re on the go. My current favorite is Viktor and Rolf’s Flower Bomb.

What are your beauty travel essentials? I am always looking for new products!

xoxo, Lynn

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