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Less than a week until Hanukkah AND Christmas! Are you ready? 

I saved the best part of my gift guide for last: STOCKING STUFFERS. Isn’t it so true that the best things come in small packages? I love shopping for stocking stuffers because you can get a bit more personal and fun with these kinds of gifts. 

There’s nothing I can’t stand more than basic and boring gift ideas. Which is why I feel I have worked hard to bring you the best of the best – and these are all fabulous ideas if I do say so myself!

The standout gift here is the Sex Dust. Yeah, it’s mostly because of the name, but I absolutely love this brand. It’s edgy, funny, and is also useful. I’m planning on buying one myself. The ingredients include aphrodisiacs such as Ho Shou Wu, Shilajit, Maca, and more.

Have other stocking stuffer ideas? Share below!

xoxo, Lynn