Have you ever walked into a room and realized that you tower over everyone, including men? Usually everyone else notices that you’re tall, too. People always take note of how tall I am. When I was younger, I always got the questions, “Do you play basketball?” or “Do you play volleyball?”…no. I have zero interest in sports, especially those with balls. 😉 Anyway, I always felt awkward answering these questions, because I felt like I should have been playing these sports given my height. For the record, I am 5’9″ and have been since 6th grade. My dad is 6’6” and is often asked the same questions, and he gave me a spicy response: “No, do you play golf?”.

I used to be so embarrassed of my height, but now I love it. Going shopping can be difficult sometimes. If you’re tall, you know allll the struggles.

So here are my top tips for dressing a long frame.

1. Follow the three inch rule for heels

Usually us tall girls have large feet (I’m a size 10). And with large feet, adding a higher heel looks so much more polished than a shorter heel. Basically it heightens your foot’s proportion. So good, right? No Ronald McDonald feet here!

2. Invest in longer styles

This means everything from dresses to cardigans (see above photo). Longer styles work with your frame and not against it. This majorly sucked as a teenager as crop tops were so popular, as were low rise jeans. SO BAD for us tall girls!

3. Find an amazing tailor

This is important for anyone. It’s so necessary. Did you know that Kim Kardashian has every single clothing item sewn/adjusted to her body while it’s ON her body? This is the way to make your clothes look expensive. A tailor can help you if you’re tall by letting out the hem of jeans and adding length to sleeves to name a couple.

4. Shop tall brands

Even 5 years ago, it was so hard to shop “tall”. Most of it was ugly if I do say so myself. My absolute favorite place to shop for tall items is on ASOS. There are hundreds of pants, dresses, tops, sweaters, and skirts that are just as chic as the “regular” clothes.

Are you tall? What are your best tall dressing tips?

xo, Lynn