A few days ago I posted a TikTok about how to have a spa-like experience in your bathroom, and I feel like it needs its own blog post.

Setting the vibe in your bathroom to be soothing and relaxing is so easy to do and provides a huge impact.

None of what I’m going to cover requires any remodeling and you can add everything I’m going to share to pretty much any bathroom.

Salt rock lamp

I purchased this salt rock night lamp on Amazon and it is one of the best Amazon purchases I’ve ever made – so much so that I’ve ordered two more for other rooms. The glow of the lamp when all other lights are off is so relaxing and most of the time I am in the bathroom – whether it’s for a shower or to do my skincare, the light is off and the salt rock night lamp is plugged in. The vibe is just so much more soothing that way.

Combined with a light source inside the lamp, the chunks of salt produce negative ions, which yield positive effects on indoor air. More benefits include:

+ Balance Electromagnetic Radiation.

+ Cleanse, Deodorize, and Purify Air.

+ Calm Allergies and Reduce Asthma.

+ Alleviate Coughing and Other Symptoms of the Common Cold.

+ Boost Blood Flow.

+ Raise Energy Levels.

+ Sharpen Concentration and Performance.

+ Enhance Mood.



While we’re on the subject of having that glow in the bathroom, candles are IT when it comes to providing a glow and a soothing fragrance. And not just any candles. I use my most bougie candles going in the bathroom. I always have a candle lit in the bathroom if I have someone over, and I also light them when I just want that extra dose of relaxation.

Some of my favorites are Diptyque’s Baies, Capri Blue Volcano, and Le Labo Petit Grain 21. Make sure you’re lighting your candles correctly – you can read about that here.

Shower Filter

OMG. If you don’t have a shower filter, you’re missing out on better hair and skin. Let me tell ya, the difference between not having one and having one is huge.

I purchased my water filter last year after struggling with brittle hair. I wanted the best of the best. So I did what I do when I set out to find the best of the best: I read reviews. descriptions, and then I compared. This research brought me to Aqua Bliss’s Luxury Shower Head.

The shower head does SO much. It purifies your water to reduce chlorine, heavy metals, rust, sand and other sediments. It also provides some serious water pressure that our previous shower head did not provide – a welcome difference that I was not expecting.

My hair and skin have both benefitted from this shower filter immensely. The keratosis pilaris on my arms has improved, my scalp is less dry, and my hair is stronger. I can say all of this with confidence now that I’ve been using this shower head for about 9 months. Seriously THE BEST.


This one is the easiest and the most inexpensive but makes a world of difference. All you’ll need is a bunch (or two) of eucalyptus and a rubber band or an elastic hair tie. Wrap the bottom of the eucalyptus stems to your shower head with the rubber band or elastic, and leave them hanging upside down in your shower for a week or two. They last a long time!

When the water and steam start going in your shower, the most therapeutic, spa-like smell is emitted and it is just the best.

The benefits of a eucalyptus shower:

+ Wakes you up!

+ Clears the mind

+ Helps to de-stress

+ Opens nasal passages

Trash can

Obviously you have a trash can in your bathroom, but adding a chic trash can makes a world of difference. I’m talking no standard plastic or metal flip-top. Upgrading your trashcan to a pretty waste basket will help elevate the look of your bathroom. It just adds that nice touch to tie everything else together.

So.much.to.cover! I hope that was helpful. Let me know if you add any of these to your bathroom and tell me how you feel afterward!

Ok, off to take my nightly spa shower!

xo, Lynn

My morning routine is a L O N G one now with the extra time we all have now. It’s been really fun to incorporate new practices and rituals in to my morning routine learned from reading and researching successful people’s routines. Here is the routine I’ve been practicing that makes me feel awake, refreshed, energized, and like my highest self:

♡ Wake up and open the blinds. Sunlight has major benefits not only for mood but also to aid in better sleep when you get enough sunlight throughout the day. Greater exposure to sunlight is also associated with a release in serotonin {source}.

♡ The first place I go once I get out of bed is to the Nespresso machine. Coffee is the biggest treat that I look forward to every morning and Nespresso is just the best. My favorite morning coffee is Diavolitto – it’s rich and bold, just how I like my coffee. I add a little coconut cream and cinnamon every single morning.

Cinnamon is loaded with powerful antioxidants, such as polyphenols & in a study that compared the antioxidant activity of 26 spices, cinnamon wound up as the clear winner, even outranking “superfoods” like garlic and oregano. {source} Cinnamon is anti-inflammatory and is just so good for your overall health.

♡ This one is SO important: writing down gratefuls and my to-do list for the day. This just really sets the tone of the day, to start with a grateful emotional state.

♡ Exercise: I could be better about doing this each morning, but it has been hard. There are days where I exercise at night, and that’s okay, too. But I really like the way I feel when I get my workout in first thing in the morning. I either do weight training while watching a show (distraction is KEY) or YouTube videos – loving BRAVO Real Housewives of Beverly Hills right now – or I will go outside for a run.

♡ Roll out with a foam roller: Foam rolling is so good for myofascial release and helps relieve muscle tightness, soreness, and inflammation, and increase your joint range of motion. You can foam roll before or after a workout, but I personally like to roll once I’m finished. It’s like a massage that just hurts a little bit. Know what I mean?

♡ Get cold: Tony Robbins has talked about his morning routine, which involves a very cold shower or a dip in a cold pool. I wrote a whole blog post about it, which you can read HERE – there are so many benefits to changing your biochemistry, and one of those ways is to get cold. I will either turn the shower to COLD at the end, for a minute…or if that is just too intense for me, I splash my face with very cold water before I apply my skincare for the day.


I am all about rituals because they help motivate and move us as people. Sound cheesy? Maybe, but I believe that that rituals are an essential part of daily life, whatever they may be for you.

My luxurious night time routine is my absolute favorite ritual because it is the most indulgent ritual I practice, from having my fresh eucalyptus in the shower with the salt rock night lamp glowing, all the oils…and more.

Everything I do at night helps me to sleep well. And the better the sleep, the less stress.

So here are steps that HAVE TO HAPPEN during my night time routine:

A few months ago I noticed deeper lines on one side of my face versus the other. Has this ever happened to you? Yeah, they were most likely there before, but one day, while looking in the mirror, I thought “what the fuck has happened to my face?!” …And then it was all I saw when looking in the mirror. And yes, the side with deeper lines and more volume loss was the side I slept on.

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen my stories a couple of weeks ago where I took you with me to get those lines filled in with hyaluronic acid filler by the most incredible Nurse Practitioner, Shahdi at Luna Skincare Aesthetics in Walnut Creek. Side note: she truly is the best and she is an artist. I saved my stories, so you can go ahead and watch them on my BOTOX AND FILLERS Instagram highlight.

Anyway. Back to sleeping on your back. All of this to say that a few months ago, after discovering those lines, I began training myself to sleep on my back instead of on my side. It’s hard. Like really hard.

First, the benefits, aside from not getting wrinkles on your face:

  1. Better alignment of the spine, which reduces pain.
  2. Minimizes acid reflux
  3. Prevents chest and boob wrinkles
  4. Maintains perky boobs

How to do it?

♡ Keep your head in a slightly raised position with the help of a pillow or two. I personally use two pillows. On the bottom, I use a thin-ish pillow, and on top, where my head lays, I use a Z pillow. I have had this pillow for three years and it is the best pillow I’ve ever used. I originally purchased it after researching a pillow to help alleviate neck pain. For extra credit: Add pillows under your arms to help make you feel supported.  

♡ Add a pillow under the backs of your knees. Adding a pillow under your knees will take some pressure off your back and it kind of makes you feel like you’re floating in the best way possible. I find that adding a pillow under my knees really helps me avoid rolling over to my side in the middle of the night too.

♡ Create a barricade with pillows. This is just an extra precaution but I wouldn’t only do this step. The first two are much more effective if you’re trying to train yourself to sleep on your back. But it’s harder to switch to side sleeping if there is a barricade of pillows around you.

♡ Sleep with the bottoms of your feet touching. If you’re having trouble imagining this, spread your legs so that your knees are out, and touch the bottoms of your feet together. This is super comfortable when sleeping on your back, especially when your knees are supported with pillows.

Training myself to sleep on my back took about 3 months to finally do all through the night. And I have to make sure the conditions are just right. If I don’t have my pillows positioned correctly, all bets are off and I’ll be on my side within an hour.

Cheers to no boob and face wrinkles!

xo Lynn

Science says that your willpower is highest in the morning. Running with that theme, I have created a morning routine that takes full advantage of that fact…and I’ve experienced so much more ease with how my entire day goes. No frantic shit in the morning, no “what am I going to eat?”, “what time do I have to be up?”, “OMG. I’m so late”. None of it. My mornings are almost always calm and productive because I’ve built a strong routine.

I was inspired to create a morning routine a little over a year ago by studying up on what some of the most successful people in history do each morning. If you’re curious, you can check out Fast Company’s article on The Morning Routines of the Most Successful people.

In this video, I break down my entire morning, including:

♡ My tongue scraper

♡ Hydroflask

♡ Coffee

♡ Skincare routine

♡ Gym routine

Do you have a morning routine that you love? Share the deets, please!