Happy Amazon Prime Day! AKA Black Friday, Amazon style. You probably know by now that I am completely obsessed with Amazon, so of course I am excited for this sale. It’s the perfect time to stock up on really anything from home products to food to beauty items to fashion. Amazon really has it all. Because of that, shopping the Prime Day sale can be very overwhelming…so I’m going to break it all down for you.

What is Amazon Prime Day? 

+ This day is just for Amazon Prime members (including trial memberships!).

+ The sale starts on 7/16 and lasts a day and a half.

+ Thousands of items on major sale. The deals include spotlight items, which are items with limited stock (when they’re gone, they’re gone!), Lightning items, which are on sale for a limited amount of time, and savings, which are promotions that run throughout the entirety of the sale.

My approach when shopping this sale is to search items by category. Let’s break it down:


My biggest tip for losing weight, toning up, shrinking in general? INTERVALS, AKA HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).

Intervals make for the perfect cardio sessions for so many reasons. The benefits?

Glad you asked.


I have an entire cabinet filled with smoothie ingredients. No, not because I think I’m fancy…it’s because I can never find the time to waltz around the kitchen and prepare a breakfast that involves cooking of any kind. I’m one who sleeps in as late as possible (currently trying to change this situation, but more on that another day).

I need something quick, healthy, and efficient in the morning, and this smoothie checks all of the boxes. I bought Body Love by Kelly LeVeque about a year ago, and love her advice on smoothies, AKA the FAB FOUR SMOOTHIE.

Wait, what is the fab four smoothie?


Hello! Let’s talk SKIN.

I have been a skincare fanatic since my early twenties. Before that, it was NOT. GOOD. Sun, tanning, not knowing how to take care of my skin. Just all bad. Now, I invest in my skincare rather than overdoing the makeup.

Today I am showing you my complete morning skincare routine. Does it seem like a lot to you? Or not too bad? Let me know. With that:


If cardio was a person, he/she would be plain old BORING. Boring because it’s just about as fun as staring at a wall. 

Of course running specifically trims you up faster than any other kind of exercise. I shared in my latest video that I am upping my fitness game, and running is one thing I am diving head first into. I am BIG on weight lifting. I LOVE it. Pop on a podcast or music, and I can lift weights for a solid hour. And that’s what I have been doing consistently for the past several years. There have been periods where I’ve done consistent cardio in there too, and those were the times that I was at my best, in my personal opinion. Where I looked and felt my best. 

On the bright side of the bore, INTERVALS are even better than straight running. I know never to say never, but I’m very tempted to say that I don’t think I could ever run for 30+ minutes straight. Luckily for me, intervals are where we see the most change and provide amazing health benefits. Doing intervals really revs up your metabolism and aids in major fat loss.

Since I hate running outside (also a plus side because I like to stay out of the sun), I always run on a treadmill. Running on a treadmill helps me track my time, speed, and mileage so easily. 

Here’s my exact treadmill workout (it will leave you SWEATY as hell):

+ Walk at a regular pace for 2 minutes (3.2 speed for me)

+ Jog for 2 minutes (6 speed for me)

+ Walk for 1 minute

+ Walk at a 9 incline at 3 speed for 2 minutes

+ Walk for 2 minutes at 3.2

+ Sprint for 1 minute (7 speed)

…And then repeat for 45 minutes, or an hour if I’m feeling really into it. 

What helps me GET INTO IT? The Real Housewives. Specifically, The Real Housewives of Orange County and Beverly Hills. 100% of my Bravo TV watching is done on the treadmill. I’m currently on season 6 of RHOBH and I think Yolanda’s divorce is impending…

Seriously, anything that can provide a good distraction works wonders. I would not be able to run for 45+ minutes even with just music. I’m still able to track my intervals and maintain them while watching a show on my ipad mini. Best investment ever, by the way! 

My cardio days are now FUN. I look forward to them because I want to catch up on my fave Bravo show. Whatever works, right?!

Ok, runners: any tips? Please share!

xo, Lynn

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